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Jack Skellington Bone Gloves

Skeleton Bone Gloves made from 2-part Epoxy Clay

Bones were individually sculpted out of a 2-part epoxy clay called Apoxie Sculpt, which I love to use when I need a small sculpture that won't crumble or break easily.

Once the bones were sculpted, I painted them with white acrylic paint and did detail work with shades of gray acrylic paint.

Attaching the bones to the glove was the most challenging part!

The gloves used were elbow length black spandex gloves.

First, I put on the glove and marketd with chalk where the knuckles of the hand are to make sure we're not gluing an inflexible bone over a place where the glove needs to bend.

I did a loose "sculpt" of a hand out of pieces of aluminum foil and monster clay and put the palm and finger pieces inside a latex glove. I put the gloved "hand" inside the glove so that the glove would keep it's shape. I then glued the bones onto the glove (being careful to keep in mind where the chalk lines are) using my FAVORITE superglue, Rapidfuse, which cures MUCH faster than any other superglue I've ever used. I then used some clamps to hold the bones in place while the glue cures completely.

I like to wait a conservative amount of time before removing the "hand" and trying out the glove to make sure the glue is really set. When i removed the glove, it stuck in some places, so be careful when removing the gloved hand.

But all in all, the glove is ready to go! See the glove in action on Jack and Sally characters from The Pure Imagination Party Company:

Power in Numbers

September 2021




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